When it comes to the household brand in quality fashion and lifestyle for the discerning man or woman, that, would simply capture our core essence. This we have done excellently for 17 years non-stop, and at irresistible value.  Established in 2000, Twice As Nice lead the pack of fashion purveyors entrusted to providing unique style and fashion solutions to array of fashion aficionados spread across the length and breadth of the West African nations.

Though local, our unique Twice As Nice global outlook has shaped our inspiration to contextualize trends and styles from around the world, situating such to our customers who have undoubtedly found us to be the most preferred destination for trendy fashion.

With overreaching core competence that translates to providing excellent customer service and relationship management; free delivery services, events and style advisory, customized gift  voucher solutions, and gift management solutions to both individuals and corporate entities, have  all endeared us to our different publics.

In place also, is, our partnership and exchange services with discerning organizations to amplify the brand equity for our products, leading to increased market share for us, and corporate responsibility for our partners.

For all its worth, as purveyors of a trendy lifestyle, our unwavering commitment to our customers over these years have been instrumental to us being the leader of the pack. Even, more strengthened is our resolve to be more uniquely Twice As Nice.


VISION: To be the most alluring fashion and lifestyle brand in Africa


OUR CUSTOMERS: Individuals. Groups. Corporations

OUR PRODUCTS : Our range of products includes; Shirts, suits, shoes, ties, bowtie, cufflinks, Wristwatches, wallet, socks, belt,  trousers, suspender, cummerbund, stud, face cap, pocket square, boxers, collarbone, hat, jeans, waist coat , cravat, polo shirts, polo sneakers, polo bags, Polo gown, cardigan, phone accessories,…etc