What we do

CORPORATE BRANDING - These entails branding of company's logo and name on shirts& accessories and other souvenirs such as Shirts,T-shirt,Suit,Socks,Cufflinks,Ties,Bags,Leather diary,Pen,Flash drive, Ipad and phone cases,Laptop bags,Power bank,Laptop cover,Car steering cover,Air freshener,Sticker,Uniform,Hands free,Mp3,Passport holder,Pen stand,Umbrellas,Water bottle,Memo pad etc 

WEDDING AND CORPORATE ORDER - Shirts,Suit,Ties,Bow ties,Pocket square,Shoes, Socks, Boxers,Cravat,Suspender,Coma band etc

FASHION ADVICE - Fashion tips and training to corporate companies

DISCOUNT PARTNERSHIP -  The company gives specified discount offers to companies and organization e.g Deloitte, Access bank, Cool world electrical, Daddo groups, Drycleaning  firms etc

HOME AND WHOLESALE DELIVERY SERVICES - Order online or in our outlets for bulk purchase and we will deliver at your doorstep.
For more details call- 08023322892, 08177477377, 08098604625, 08178810476